Christa Diepenbrock
artist's statement

"Dreamscapes" watercolor on paper

I have been working on my new "Dreamscape" series. Within the last month or so, I have been illustrating these bizarre dreams I had. Inspired by the scroll paintings of Swarna and Manu Chitrakar, I am creating paintings that have the same feeling as the Chitrakar's work. Using the Chitrakar's six sectioned pattern format, I use crayon and water color to recreate scenes from my dreams. They are not to make sense nor are they trying to tell a story. Their background is set in New York City, Dallas, Norman, Oklahoma or India. Many of these "Dreamscapes" are on rice scroll sized paper 18 inches by 60 inches.

My "Dreamscape" series has transformed as I am illustrating the feelings behind each scene. I continued to employ the vertical panels surrounded by boundaries but now there are 3 panels surrounded with non-decorative boundaries. The boundaries are filled with the "dream drama". I put my face in the background or middle ground depending on the composition. I am working on portraying the emotions the dream provokes. Then the dream is overlaid over the face or vise verse. Layer upon layer of color creates provocative negative and positive spaces. I am putting these Dreams/Emotion Scapes on 18 inch by 60 inch water color paper. The size of work juxtapose to the delicateness of the watercolor emphasizes the surrealist nature of my current "Dreams/Emotion Scapes".

A Collection of Broken Rooms

Indian Dance Statment

Flamenco Dance Statment

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