Christa Diepenbrock
artist's statement

"Collection of Broken Rooms" Mixed Media, 7" x 10"

A Collection of Broken Rooms is a series of my recent figurative paintings and collages. The work consist of my small personal hand-made collage studies and larger than life sized paintings that explore the complex emotions surrounding lovers and their secrets keep silent by their home's walls. My collages are a combination of craft papers, fabric and hand drawn. figures. The paintings are abstracted figured human dramas in which fabric is combined with oil.

Each wall in our homes has seen untold amounts of human drama, which relates to my idea that human emotions are imprinted onto the room's walls. My concern recently has been articulating in paint these narrative stories by placing abstract figures into the confines of a room. The sharp, harsh angles of lines of the room against organic figural forms hint at the human dramas that lie behind closed doors. The painted rooms become a stage in which families act out their stories.

Indian Dance Statment

Flamenco Dance Statment

Christa Diepenbrock
January, 2007

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