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Elusive Elusive Elusive

I am Christa Diepenbrock Ziman, AKA Christa Diepenbrock, Ziman Art's director, Texas Elite Realtor and mom. I am a dedicated creator of the magical sort. When I am not experimenting with new building ceramic pieces to paint, I am mastering new bread recipes, teaching children how to become artists and sprinkling fairy dust into my garden to see what grows. I have traditional education in studio art from Hunter College in New York City and my Master of Fine Arts from Texas Women's University in painting. I have been creating for over 20 years in oil paints, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pastel and ceramics.

Currently I am reopening my Ziman Arts business in Allen. I offer classes for all ages teaching all mediums. Classes are small with no more than 4 students, last about an hour once a week. I have a flexible curriculum, one that is very structured and one that is based on the students interested. Please give me a call if you want more information 469-556-9611.

On occasion, my work has been exhibited at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas and MainSite Gallery in Norman, Oklahoma. Thegallery5650 in Frisco includes some my more recent ceramics into their group shows. I have one simple goal, to find homes for all the work I have. I will be create until the day I die so many homes are needed.

Elusive Elusive

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