Christa Diepenbrock
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Elusive Elusive Elusive
37" by 47" oil and Indian sari fabric on canvas

When viewing a dance performance, I have always been interested in the passing of time as dancers move from pose to pose. The various poses of Indian dances will inspire me in my pursuit to deconstruct and reconstruct the human form in my paintings. Many of my painted figures have more than two arms and legs, suggesting the fluidity of dance. For example, the depiction of a second pair of arms on a canvas suggests the next pose in that dance. The temporal nature of dance will also be addressed in this series of paintings.

Spatial and temporal issues have long been important themes in my work. I am interested in abstracting the human form and meshing it into the background creating the illusion of a dance drama unfolding in paint. Changing dance positions create complex positive and negative spaces, which will be further enhanced by placing fabric on the figures, and on the picture plane. Fabric will be used to break down the positive/negative and foreground/background spaces. This contrasting use of space is compounded by the tension created by the interaction between the dancers in the work. The interaction of nude figures creates a sexual tension that adds another layer of interest in the work. The sexual tension combined with the the deconstruction of the figure will various opportunities for interpretation of my paintings.

The paintings that will be hung in the gallery space will reference the different poses that express the passing of time in traditional Indian dance. Each painting will relate to the adjacent painting, indicative of the flow of dance. The placement of hands and feet pointing to the next painting will create rhythmic movement. This movement will be further enhanced by the use of broken lines, which suggest dancing hands, legs, arms and heads. The foreground will merge with the background to suggest that a figure was briefly there before returning to a different pose.

Flamenco Dance Statment

Christa Diepenbrock
November, 2005

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